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Boston College Versus Notre Dame: How Did It Get This Bad?

November 10th, 2012 at 4:14 PM
By Dan Smith

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Boston College and Notre Dame have only been playing each other since 1975, and the rivalry did not become a regular thing until 1993. The series actually stands to be a loser in Notre Dame's move to the ACC, since Boston College will be put on the same rotation that all ACC teams will be on when it comes to Notre Dame's five ACC games a year. The series has never been very enjoyable for Irish fans, what with Boston College's winning record against the Irish over the last decade. But today, before the series becomes less frequent, Notre Dame has a chance to get a measure of revenge for all those times that Tom O'Brien made the Irish suffer.

The Boston College Eagles are a terrifyingly bad team. There's only one person to blame for this: outgoing athletic director Gene DeFilippo. First, he antagonized former head coach Tom O'Brien, who had rebuilt the BC program from its darkest depths following the gambling scandal in 1996. O'Brien did such a fantastic job at BC that the ACC was willing to take the school despite years of apathy towards the football program in Boston and despite the Eagles being well below the standards for ACC basketball and the various non-revenue sports.

O'Brien tired of DeFillippo and took the NC State job, where he has rebuilt another terrifyingly bad football program and brought it back to respectability. O'Brien's replacement, BC offensive coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski, led BC to back to back ACC-Atlantic division titles before he was fired by DeFilippo because he dared to interview for the New York Jets' vacant head coaching position. Yes, DeFilippo actually fired someone for being such a good coach that NFL teams had interest in him.

Since then, the program's keys were handed over to long time defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani. Coach Spaz has an accomplished record for developing high quality linebackers in his 4-3 defense, but since he got the promotion to head man, he's been a disaster. BC's recruiting, which didn't exactly pull in loads of four and five stars to begin with, has nose dived into service academy levels. 

As all the players from the O'Brien/Jagodzinski have graduated, they have been replaced with minimal "talent," and the Eagles' have fallen from an Atlantic division contender to a sub-.500 pile of refuse. This year, Boston College is 2-7, and they will almost surely be 2-8 after Saturday night bludgeoning they are going to receive from Notre Dame.

DeFillippo has already announced his retirement from the athletic director position, and thus Coach Spaz' fate has been sealed. DeFillippo was Spaz's last friend. Next year, the Eagles will have a new head coach, and this game will have a chance at being competitive. Hopefully, for Boston College's fans' sake, that new coach manages to install an offense that manages more than 2.71 yards per rush and manages to keep opponents from rushing for a five a carry.

This game should be over by half time, and Notre Dame should end up with multiple 100 yard rushing games. 

Score Prediction: 49-7

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