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And Then There were Three: Adjusting to the New BCS Picture Without Alabama

November 13th, 2012 at 12:05 AM
By Dan Smith

With Alabama's loss to Texas A&M, we now have only three undefeated teams at the top of the BCS rankings. The computer rankings continue to favor Notre Dame – they are now number one in the composite average – but they remain stuck at third. If Kansas State could get to number one in the human polls, that could conceivably allow Notre Dame to jump Kansas State, but Oregon's computer ranking is only going to get better with Stanford and Oregon State coming up. Notre Dame's path to Miami will still require more upsets in front of them.


Rankings and analysis after the jump.



BCSHarris PollUSA TodayComputer Rankings
1Kansas State.9674222774.964921427.96752.970
3Notre Dame.9396432634.916231346.91251.990
8Texas A&M.662115101842.640710967.65568.690
9South Carolina.63498111732.602411903.61228.690
10Florida State.60711062175.756561143.774917.290
16Oregon State.416111161081.376017490.332212.540
20Louisiana Tech.19112020728.253219413.280025.040
23Texas Tech.14162222325.113025106.071920.240
24Oklahoma State.1088NRNR118.041024111.075322.210

USC did its part to remain a respectable strength of schedule victory for Notre Dame by taking care of Arizona State in convincing fashion on Saturday. They will face cross town rival UCLA next Saturday, and every Irish fan is going to be desperately rooting for the Boy Wonder and the Trojans to take down the other Los Angeles area nepotism beneficiary and his Bruins. So basically, Notre Dame fans have to do what every other non-Bruin fan would do readily and without prompting: root against Jim Mora

Oregon will take on Stanford, and boy oh boy would we love to see Stanford get a win there, obviously. Stanford is coming off a narrow victory over Oregon State, and both teams have made their bones this season by playing strong defense and being physically tough. I doubt either team is going to have the defensive speed to keep Oregon's big plays in check, but they should at least give Oregon their stiffest competition of the year. Oregon may be number two in the rankings, but they're by far the most likely team to be playing in the title game.

Kansas State will take on All-Offense-No-Defense Baylor this weekend. As they say, "never trust a team that can score 63 points and lose the game anyway." Kansas State has a way of slowing down these kinds of hyper drive offenses just enough to get a big lead against their sorry defenses. There's no way either Oregon or Notre Dame can catch Kansas State in the rankings if they all win out.

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