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Why Did the ‘Alabama is a Juggernaut’ Narrative Even Exist?

November 15th, 2012 at 2:20 PM
By Dan Smith


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Of the four teams who were undefeated going into last Saturday, Alabama clearly had the third best resume at best, maybe fourth if you were a real big fan of the way Oregon destroys the bad teams on their schedule. All the signs pointed to Alabama being nowhere near the juggernaut the media narrative said it was. This was a team who had played exactly two teams with a pulse (LSU and Michigan) all season. They drew a favorable SEC schedule that avoided having to play Florida, Georgia or South Carolina. Their rushing offense struggled at times against horrid opponents. 

In the end, the most un-shocking SHOCKING UPSET OF THE CENTURY took place last weekend. A Texas A&M team that had barely lost to two superior defenses got over the hump and put Alabama away. AJ McCarron, who has been able to coast for most of the season against a collectionn of terrible opponents, looked even worse against Texas A&M than he did the week before against LSU. 


AJ McCarron was the college football equivalent of the MLB pitcher who leads the league in wins because he pitches for the Yankees. He had no business being in the Heisman trophy hunt, and he has spent the last two years being the most obvious glaring weakness in Alabama's title hopes. They managed to win a rematch against LSU without getting anything from him, and that is a testament to how good their defense was LAST YEAR.

The only game that could even remotely remind anyone of last year's defense was Michigan. But as we have seen multiple times, it doesn't really take much of a great defense to throttle Michigan when their idiot offensive coordinator decides to have Denard Robinson throw 30 times. LSU, a team with a meager offense of its own, put up over 400 yards on Alabama's PRISTINE DEFENSE. Only a fool would have expected Alabama to have done any better than it did against an Aggie offense that looks to be one of the greatest in SEC history.

It is very easy to protect your defensive reputation when you play Western Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida Atlantic, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Mississippi State. And as good as Tennessee's offense looks at times, they're still coached by Derek Dooley. The fact that Alabama was ever ranked above Kansas State or Notre Dame is an indictment of every single problem with college football, especially in the BCS era. 

Since the BCS was created, teams have moved away from scheduling tough out of conference games as they once did when impressing voters. Now, the whole system is dominated by group think and whatever media narrative ESPN decides to create, that it doesn't matter if the narrative is objectively wrong. This has always been a problem, obviously, but basketball does a better job of avoiding this kind of nonsense with their committee selection. 

They can't make their way to football soon enough.


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